Pinocchio On The Bay Restaurant is an Italian bar with more than 12 years in Miami. A landing page was created with the images of his most famous Panini: “The Top 1”. It was decided to integrate the Uber Eats button to provide the delivery service and the Take Out button that leads directly to a menu where customers can order online and make their payments from the comfort of their laptop or computer and pick-up their purchase in person. Considering the restrictions by Covid-19.

To integrate the Google Location, the Google Location was moved from Miami Beach to Edgewater, the Yelp Account and related accounts were also moved.

Finally, professional photoshoot was made to create real images to share on social media, on Instagram and Facebook accounts respectively.

The layout of Facebook has been optimized: Improving the logo of the profile image, the banner, information, and Facebook location.

The layout of Instagram was optimized: Improving the logo of the profile image, the bio, cover of highlights and 9 posts for the feed. As well as stories for each category.

A new menu design was designed for customers and as part of the Covid-19 package: A digital menu and QR code for digital menu.